Upcoming GSE Social

Please mark your calendars for an upcoming social event with our Group Study Exchange Team.  The event is planned for Thursday, October 14 at Jina Yoo’s (2200 Forum Blvd.) beginning at 6:30 p.m.  This event is jointly sponsored by Columbia Rotary clubs, so there is no individual cost for members to attend. 

The team is from District 9640 in Australia and includes five members.

The Team Leader is Gary Scudamore. He is past president and member of the Goondivindi Rotary Club.  He is a farm owner and manager of a rural property that supports a herd of Hereford cows producing steers, sheep and dryland crops including wheat and sorghum.  His vocational Interests are beef cattle industry and land management issues.

Team member Michael Froggatt is a detective in the Criminal Investigation Branch of the Queensland Police Service.  His vocational Interests are learning new interviewing, investigating and policing techniques, and equipment.

Jenny Poolman is the only female member of the team.  She is a Senior Constable with the South Wales police force.  Her vocational Interests include issues related to indigenous crime rates and the psychological impact of police work upon law enforcement officers.  She would like to examine practices in other agencies to improve police force procedures.

Aaron Wise has been an accountant for a local firm, Clark and Associates for the last four years.  His vocational Interests include learning new ideas to implement in his office and beef cattle and farming industries.

Ryan Golder is part owner/operator of the Gundy Star Tourist Park for recreational vehicle travelers.  His vocational Interests include marketing, sales and development.

This promises to be a wonderful evening.  We hope to see you there!

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