April is Magazine Month!

Last month, we celebrated literacy.  This month, we put our reading skills to the test.  Everything in our lives depends on consistent, accurate and constant communication.  We receive Rotary communications regularly; through our weekly meetings, club emails, club website, district […]

April 6 Meeting

PROGRAM -Robert Brooks, Classification Talk GREETERS – Bette Wordelman & Mike Grellner INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Sarah Perry

March 30 Meeting

PROGRAM – Mike Randerson, Columbia College GREETERS – Ginny Northcutt & Don Ludwig INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Sally Beth Lyon

March 23 Meeting

PROGRAM – Mike Brooks, REDI GREETERS – Susan Hart & Jed Friedrichsen INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Cathy Scroggs

March 16 Meeting

PROGRAM – Dan Rothery, Boone Hospital Center GREETERS – Stuart Scroggs & John John INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Jim Stock

Metro 2011 Vocational Service ...

Metro Rotary has annually recognized a member of the community for his/her contributions to better the Columbia area.  Metro Rotarians are encouraged to nominate someone who encourages vocational excellence and practices high ethical standards. Some of the past recipients include: […]

March 9 Meeting

PROGRAM – Julie Lyman & Jack Clark, Robotics GREETERS – Shatenita Horton & Mike Grellner INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Jim Spieler

March is Literacy Month!

Metro Rotarians have played a large role in assisting charities both locally and on a much broader level.  While it is easy to look at the big picture, it is always helpful to stop and look at the most basic […]