February is World Understanding Month!

What a difference a year makes! I’m sure everyone remembers “Snowmageddon” from early February last year, but now we’re fortunate to be enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures. While it’s very easy just to focus on ourselves, we have to remember that there is a much bigger world out there.

As Metro Rotarians, I encourage you to think back during this month about all the things we do, and have done, that has an impact worldwide. Our continued support of the Youth Study Exchange Program and the Group Student Exchange Program are both excellent examples of how we reach out globally. I am confident that we have learned as much from the individuals we have sponsored as they have learned from us.

Another good example is the number of water projects that we have assisted with financially. A special thank you to everyone who has assisted with securing and completing the paperwork and grant applications that have resulted in cleaner water to many people overseas.

This year is flying by, and I can’t believe how much we have done! Thanks for all you do to make Metro Rotary such a success!

President Jim

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