March 6 Meeting

PROGRAM – Columbia/Boone County Joint Communications 911 Ballot Issue GREETERS – Nicole Galloway & Scott Christianson INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Jaime Freidrichs

February 20 Meeting

PROGRAM – Jed Friedrichsen, iPACT Fund GREETERS – Scott Christianson & Dave Holtgraewe INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Barb Danuser

Rotary News

Metro Rotary policy states that if the Columbia Public Schools cancel classes due to inclement weather, Metro Rotary will not meet.  Please keep this in mind as winter weather continues. Free Plastic Surgery Camp Update We have received word from […]

February 13 Meeting

PROGRAM – Sarah Read, “Hate Hurts: Understanding Hate & Counteracting its Effects” GREETERS – Nicole Galloway & Valorie Livingston INVOCATION/PLEDGE/ FUNDRAISER – Norm Benedict

2013 Trivia Night a Success!

Thanks to everyone who helped make Metro’s annual Trivia Night fundraiser a success!  Scott Heck and Tonya Wolff did a great job organizing the event! Thank you to everyone who donated auction items, purchased tickets and helped work the event.  […]

February is World Understandin...

Did you know the first Rotary meeting occurred on February 23, 1905? Since that day, Rotary has grown into an international organization helping to launch, complete and sustain numerous service projects worldwide. Rotarians promote and enjoy international friendships which help […]