2015-2016 Officers and Board Members Elected

Election results have been calculated, and Metro’s officers and board members for the 2015-2016 year are now in place.  Congratulations to our leaders!

Officers:  Rose Hayden, President; Sarah Read, President-Elect; Shane Winter, Secretary; Don Ludwig, Treasurer; Gena Patton, Past President;

2015-2016 officers

Board Members serving terms 2013-2016:  Anna Drake, Pat Hostetler & Andrew Stone

2013-2016 board members

Board Members serving terms 2014-2017:  Shatenita Horton, Jeremy Morton & Tonya Wolff

2014-2017 board members

Board Members serving terms 2015-2018:  Charlene Boyes, Jaime Freidrichs & Lori Pewitt

2015-2018 board members

Our new leaders will assume these positions on July 1, 2015.  Congratulations again, and thanks for devoting extra time to ensure the success of Columbia Metro Rotary!

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The annual Metro Trivia Night will be held February 6, 2015. Please contact Scott Heck if you have any questions or wish to donate auction items.


Metro Trivia2

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Metro Weather Policy Note:  Metro bylaws state that if the Columbia Public Schools cancel classes due to inclement weather, Metro Rotary will not meet.  Please keep this in mind as winter weather continues.



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