Metro Trivia Night a Success!

Thanks to everyone who supported Metro’s 8th Annual Trivia Night.  It was a fun-filled evening with lots of money being raised for Woodhaven.  The Eggheads were this year’s winners, and that is probably because there were four Metro Rotarians on the team (Rob Bartel, Scott Christianson, Dave Overfelt and Sarah Read)!


A huge thank you to Scott Heck, Tonya Wolff and April Melvin for their hard work in organizing the event.  Thanks to Andrew Stone Optometry for serving as this year’s event sponsor.


Andrew Stone Optometry

* * * * * * * * * *

Metro Weather Policy Note:  Metro bylaws state that if the Columbia Public Schools cancel classes due to inclement weather, Metro Rotary will not meet.  Please keep this in mind as winter weather continues.


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