March is Literacy Month!

Metro Rotarians have played a large role in assisting charities both locally and on a much broader level.  While it is easy to look at the big picture, it is always helpful to stop and look at the most basic human needs and explore how we can assist our fellow men and women.

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In April, 2003, Metro Rotary stepped up its commitment to literacy by becoming Partners in Education with the Columbia Public Schools’ Title I Program.  On a regular basis, we have members who volunteer their time to go into local schools and read to children or have the children read to them.  This goes a long way in assisting the children and teachers with improving the students’ abilities to read and comprehend.  While this may seem a basic process, we must remember that “Being literate does not just mean the ability to read a book or a newspaper.  Being literate means being able to comprehend the instructions on a medicine bottle, a set of directions or a job posting.”  (Excerpt from G.E. Estess, Sr., Foundation Trustee Chair, March, 2010 message on literacy)

 kids who read succeed

I urge everyone to strongly consider volunteering to read a book to a child this month even if you cannot work this into your regular routine.  I guarantee you will find the experience very rewarding.  Please contact Les Gelband or Shane Winter for more information.

Thanks again for all you do to make Metro Rotary such a success!

President Gena

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