April is Magazine Month!

Last month, we celebrated literacy.  This month, we put our reading skills to the test.  Everything in our lives depends on consistent, accurate and constant communication.  We receive Rotary communications regularly; through our weekly meetings, club emails, club website, district website and Rotary International.

As part of your membership in our club, you receive the monthly magazine, The Rotarian.  Established in 1911, this publication offers many insightful stories about Rotary projects and clubs throughout the world.  Over 1.2 million Rotarians are reading the same magazine in 23 languages.

Rotarian magazine pic

Please take the time each month to read through your issue.  I’m confident you will be impressed with the many activities our fellow Rotarians are involved in, as well as how we are able to assist people who do not have the same resources we have available.  If we want to promote Rotary to others, we need to be well informed!

Thanks again for all you do to make Metro Rotary such a success!

President Gena


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