November is Rotary Foundation Month!

November is a time when we, prompted by the early signs of impending winter and the traditions of a beloved national holiday, take stock of our resources and reflect on the many blessings which color and shape our lives. If you are like me, the outcome of this reflection is deep gratitude mixed with some embarrassment as I compare my circumstances to those less fortunate, both locally and globally; and I feel a call deep within to “bridge the gap.”

As Rotarians, we needn’t start a bridge from scratch.  We’ve been pooling our resources for years via giving to The Rotary Foundation.  Because of our financial support, The Rotary Foundation has been highly effective in bridging gaps associated with hunger, childhood mortality, conflict, basic education, literacy and health all around the world.

Rotary Foundation

You have already committed yourself to Rotary. I urge you now to commit to the Rotary Foundation if you’ve not already done so.  By giving $100 each year you become a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member. Contributions to the Every Rotarian, Every Year initiative, are the primary source of funding for Foundation programs.  You can direct your contributions to the Annual Fund, the PolioPlus Fund, the Permanent Fund, Rotary Peace Centers or specific Foundation Grants.  To make your donation, simply complete this form.

Every Rotarian Every Year logo

As absurd as it sounds, every time I see that automatic deduction on my online banking statement, I feel richer and richer. I am suddenly connected to many thousands of others, and together with them, I am a bridge to a better life . . . a Gift to the World.

Happy Thanksgiving!

President Rose

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