January is Vocational Service Month

Confession of a Rotary Club President:  I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in years. I am no good at knuckling down and transforming myself into my chosen ideal.  However, I am finding some inspiration in Rotary’s focus for January.

“From its origins, Rotary has built a philosophy based upon integrity in business and professions. Rotary Clubs and individual Rotarians are committed to vocational service and high ethical standards in all of their interactions.  These are summed up in the Object of Rotary, our core values (Service, Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity, Leadership), The Four-Way Test, and the Rotary Code of Conduct, carried out through our worldwide network of Rotary clubs and Rotarians.”

— from the Rotary Code of Policies (section 26.020.1)

Vocational Service

Really—it’s so simple:  commit to doing the right thing, treat all people with dignity and respect, and use your professional gifts, talents and resources for the betterment of all (not just some).  What would happen if we all resolved together to live this ideal better? Can we…will we lead by doing?  Lead our community toward greater prosperity for all.  Lead our employers or employees toward shared ideals for respect, collaboration and service in the workplace.  And lead potential Rotarians to Metro Rotary.

Despite the simplicity of this challenge, it can be difficult.  Therefore, it is good for us to surround ourselves with worthy role models.  During the month of January, let’s commit to highlighting and thanking the people who inspire us to live our professional ideals via shout-outs at our club meetings, posts to our facebook page, and/or submission of a nomination for our club’s vocational service award.

In the New Year, always and everywhere Be a Gift to the World!

President Rose

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