Mobile Friendly Website RFP Issued-UPDATED

UPDATE:  (10.12.16) – Five responses were received to the RFP.  Two finalists have been selected for consideration and closer review.


UPDATE (09.15.16) – As noted in Section 1, Paragraph C of the original RFP, we are posting the answers to questions that were received from parties interested in the RFP. Please click here to access the questions and answers.


ORIGINAL POST (09.01.16) You may have heard in club announcements that Metro Rotary has been awarded a District Simplified Grant.  As a result, Metro is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for assistance in creating a website that is accessible through both cell phones and computers that will help match local youth and young adults to Rotary programs, projects and resources.


While Metro members have played a key role in mentoring youth continues to partner with other clubs to improve community connections, it is anticipated this new website will be beneficial in reaching even more individuals and provide a much needed resource.


If you know of someone, or a company, that might be interested in assisting with this worthwhile project, you are encouraged to share a copy of the RFP (click here).  The project scope is outlined, the response format and content is described and a timeline for the RFP process is detailed.  Anyone having questions or needing additional information is encouraged to email President Sarah at


If you are interested in the grant application submitted by Metro Rotary, a copy of the completed grant application submitted by Metro Rotary is located here.  Kudos to Sarah Read, Tom Rose and Rose Hayden for their efforts in applying for, and securing, this grant funding.

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