June is Rotary Fellowships Month

I love hearing the energy and laughter that surround our table conversations at the beginning of every meeting.   Our members enjoy each other’s company, have interesting things to say, and are happy to hear from each other.  That sense of fellowship is a strength of our club.


June is Rotary Fellowships Month2


Rotary also provides an opportunity to extend that fellowship beyond our club and community and into the international Rotary community.  There are  many ways to do that, from the on-line Rotary Fellowships featured in this month’s Rotarian to the Rotarian Action groups.  Whatever your interest, Rotary provides a way to connect to others and build friendships around the world.

Returning to our club fellowship,  I am very grateful to all of you who worked with me during this presidential year to keep our club running. Our board was active and thoughtful, our officers committed and diligent, and our committee chairs hard-working and energetic with excellent follow-through. And those who volunteered on our many projects and programs, and those who helped keep our club attendance vibrant, all contributed in significant ways to the fellowship of our club.  Tom has already lined up leadership for the new year and I know you will continue to bring your talents and effort, and will support and encourage him as well.  It has been a privilege to serve as your president and I thank you all.

President Sarah

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