March is Water & Sanitation Month

Did you know we can survive about three days without water? We can last about 3 weeks without food, but water is vital to our survival. We are so fortunate to have clean, safe water in our country. There have been exceptions where clean, uncontaminated drinking water has been an issue but as Americans, we are blessed.

We Clean, sanitary water is something we take for granted.  When people don’t have access to clean water, the chance of disease increases, children are generally unhealthier, and a great deal of time is spent by family members carrying clean water to the home.  Water projects have long been a priority of Rotary International, and clubs worldwide have assisted with providing clean water to communities, providing healthier schools and access to proper toilets.

Thanks to our own environmental engineer, Tom O’Connor, Metro Rotary has successfully assisted with several water projects throughout the world.  Some of the projects have included insuring adequate access to clean and safe water in: Latur, India (2006); Bhatkal, India (2007); Chandanwadi, India (2008); Kargaon, India (2009); Vele, India (2010); Dam allam Koira, Niger (2011); and Ankleshwar, India (2014).

Tom has taught us that the problem is not that the world will run out of water (that amount is fixed through evaporation and re-condensation).  The problem is the unequal distribution of water and the lack of universal proper sanitary practices to assure safe water for drinking.  While some regions and peoples are certainly at greater risk than others and deserving of greater attention, we have seen recently that no population is free from concern. 

We are grateful to Tom and Rotary International for their leadership in providing safe water around the world. When you turn on the faucet, I hope you will be reminded of how fortunate we are to have clean water. Let’s also find ways where we as Rotarians can serve those who need clean potable water.


President Cathy

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