Service Opportunities Abound!


My Fellow Metro Rotarians,


I write this message well past April 1, but this has been an extraordinary month and it appears it will continue to be that way for a while. April for Rotarians around the world is Maternal and Child Health Month, but for all of us today in our country and around the world it is about each of staying healthy, protecting those around us by social distancing and staying at home away from our loved ones and our friends. For those who are religious is also a time of remembrance, sacrifice and service with humility.


It’s also spring, a time of renewal and hope. The trees are blooming, the forsythia is going crazy and our allergies are kicking in beyond belief, but here’s the deal. As Rotarians we are committed to service above self. We enjoy the friendship and fellowship that our club brings to us weekly as we meet usually face-to-face. If you’re like me you miss our weekly gatherings. Join us via Zoom. It’s a great opportunity to see fellow Rotarians and connect.

I know you are also are missing your family members who stay at a safe distance and you are missing that human contact that feeds our souls. My message is take heart. In the giant scheme of things this is a brief moment in our lives. My three-year-old grandson thinks it’s great that we can spend several days a week together, that I can read to him and play on the floor. My millennial children are not sure how this working from home can go on much longer.

In all this, let’s remember there are those in our community in need, who have lost their jobs and are concerned about their very survival. There are who are working to keep us safe. They work in hospitals, grocery stores and pharmacies and are there to serve. At no time has our motto seemed more important or more relevant. Service above Self. Who needs me, you today to serve? Who needs you to reach out with a phone call, a text, a smile from across your driveway?

Stay healthy everyone!


President Cathy

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