May is Youth Service Month

May is Youth Service month. As we watch our community gradually “open up,” we recognize that the young people in our community will not be returning to school to complete the academic year. Our high school seniors are missing prom, award assemblies and traditional graduation ceremonies. Families have adjusted to working at home, helping with school work and, in some instances, teaching their children some of the lessons.


These days will be a time to remember and look back on at some time, but for now they seem surreal and often stressful. Now more than ever we need Rotary. It provides fellowship and constancy in our lives. For the past month, we have met each Wednesday at noon– virtually– but we have met. We have shared experiences and offered each other camaraderie and friendship.

As we look to the future, we see opportunities to serve our community and beyond. Our club donated to Boys and Girls Club so kids could have lunches. Our District Simplified Grant will purchase materials needed to create interactive behavior management tools (feeling buddies and story books) that can be utilized by teachers and volunteers in the classroom, and parents at home, to help preschoolers understand and deal better with their emotions.  This will contribute to improved learning. We will also be getting involved with a Rotary club in India to assist with the purchase of PPE in that country.

In spite of social distancing, we continue to serve. I look forward to the future when we will be meeting face to face and welcoming visitors and new members in person. Until then, may we all live out our motto of “Service above Self”.


President Cathy 

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