January is Vocational Service Month

During my previous (pre-COVID and pre-virtual) term as president, I began every Rotary meeting by asking club members to take a few seconds to reintroduce themselves to those around them and become familiar with each others’ classification on their name badges. 



There is a reason that we recognize and place emphasis on the vocational classification of each member, and it is NOT for the purpose of exclusion or quotas.  Rotary as an organization believes that every vocation in the classifications so recognized serves a significant and useful purpose for the betterment of the club, our communities and our world.   This purpose, or mission if you will, shines forth as Rotarians dedicate themselves to practicing the ideals of Rotary in their work and their daily lives.  These guiding principles by which we are expected to work and live are clearly enunciated in the Rotary Four Way Test and the Rotary Code of Conduct.

In this month dedicated to vocational service we recognize that we have a “dual responsibility of representing our vocation within the club and exemplifying the ideals of Rotary within the workplace”.  We do this in the ways we respectfully treat our employees, our co-workers and our clients.  We also do this through the sharing of our talents and expertise with our club and in our club activities.  We are fortunate in this club to have many opportunities to share these talents, especially with our younger generations through programs such as Reach Out Metro and our partnerships with Battle High School and Title I preschool.  Let us continue to share our vocation with others, live the ideals of Rotary every day, and look for worthy representatives from more vocations to visit and join our club.

President Tom

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