View the Metro Member Orientation and Mentoring Program document for more detailed information about the membership process.


Every Rotarian has the privilege and obligation to seek qualified members. In this way, all club members can help their clubs achieve a full representation of the business and professional life of the community. Membership is the means to accomplish Rotary’s mission and goal. You owe it to your club and your community.

Summary of Membership Provisions for New Members

General Qualifications – Rotarians are adults persons of good character and good business, professional and/or community reputation.

Active Membership – Active members must meet the above qualifications, as well as live or work within the club’s locality or surrounding area.

Classification – Each active member of a Rotary club is classified in accordance with the member’s business or profession. A classification describes the principal and recognized activity of the firm with which an active member is connected or the member’s principal and recognized business or professional activity. Retired members require a classification but are not included in a club’s total number for each classification.

NOTE – Holders of Public Office: Persons elected or appointed to public office for a specified time are not eligible for active membership under the classification of such office, except persons elected or appointed to the judiciary or educational offices.

Standard Procedure:

  1. Rotarian member brings prospect to the club for a meeting(s). *
  2. Sponsoring Rotarian submits membership form to Membership Committee Chair Victoria Brees.
  3. Membership Committee determines if proposed member meets qualifications.  If so, a classification is recommended.
  4. Notice of proposal is published in the club’s weekly newsletter, The Metro Memo, for two consecutive weeks.
  5. If no objections are raised, the prospective member’s application is forwarded to the club Board of Directors for a final approval vote at their next regularly scheduled meeting (usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month).
  6. Upon approval, the sponsoring Rotarian coordinates a convenient time to have the prospect inducted for membership.


* NOTE: Rotarians may bring prospective members to club meetings at any point in the process. However, until approval is granted, prospective members should not be informed that they have been proposed for membership.

To proceed with nominating an individual, please complete the Membership Proposal Form located here. Then, please email it to Victoria.