March 11 Meeting

Valerie Berta will speak to members about The WE Project.  Rose Hayden will serve as our weekly greeter.  

October 10 Meeting

Metro Rotarian Susan Hart, 2018-2019 Chair of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, will update members about recent and upcoming chamber activities.  Beth Lammers will serve as our weekly greeter.  John John will present our invocation, lead members in the pledge […]

Metro Rotary Dues

Dues for the 2016-17 year are now payable to club treasurer Don Ludwig.  As was announced during the May 11 regular meeting, an increase of $50 is being implemented this year, bringing the total annual dues to $200.  Members are […]

Vocational Service Day

Metro Rotary is proud to support the Boys & Girls Club of Columbia. To assist the students, Metro is participating in a Vocational Service Day on Tuesday, April 24 at the Teen Center (1200 North 7th Street). The event will […]

2011 Vocational Service Award

Metro Rotary has annually recognized a member of the community for his/her contributions to better the Columbia area.  The recipient is someone who encourages vocational excellence and practices high ethical standards. Some of the past recipients include: Robert Ross, Jr.-City of […]