Metro has had many hands-on service projects that benefit the community. Our projects include long-term projects that provide a sustained benefit to the community and shorter term opportunities to serve in partnership with other community organizations.

Our two long-term programs are:

Partners in Education with CPS Title 1 Program since 2003

Reach Out Metro teen and young adult mentoring

We also work with these community organizations:

Volunteering at the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri

Ringing bells for the Salvation Army

Participating in the annual Community Clean-up

Gardening with the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA)

Other projects we have done in the past include:

Central Missouri Community Action Weatherization Assistance Program
Leah Christian and Lisa Goldschmidt

Park Avenue Child & Family Development Center Butterfly Garden

Park Avenue garden 2015

Douglass High School Bike ProjectDouglass Bike Project

Douglass High School Student Mentoring

We welcome you to join us and help make a difference in our community!