2022-2023 Officers

President Loretta Schouten Sergeant-at-Arms Tom O’Connor
President Elect Laura Kogut Past President Margaret Conroy
Secretary Shane Winter Club Historian Jim Cherrington
Treasurer Rebecca Knipp    


2022-2023 Board Members

Charlene Boyes 2020-2023 Penny Kuhns-Knarr 2021-2024
Andrea Quiroz-Jira 2020-2023 Tonya Ford 2022-2025
Rob Christensen 2021-2024 Sarah Read 2022-2025


(Note: An anticipated timeline for committee activity is located here.)

Club Administration

Co-Chairs: Lori Neidel and Sarah Read

This committee supports the executive committee with various reports and administrative tasks associated with the effective operation of the club, including those related to the RI presidential citation and grant applications, helps to track and provide resources for the work of the committees, prepares announcements for club meetings, coordinates club member assignments for greeters and for the raffle, invocation, and pledge of allegiance at weekly club meetings; and conducts new member orientation and other training.

Other members: Executive Committee – Margaret Conroy, Laura Kogut, and Loretta Schouten


Chair: Jim Cherrington

This committee is responsible for coordinating the clubs internal and external communications.  This includes compiling and distributing the club’s weekly newsletter, overseeing the Metro website and all interactive/social media communication tools of the club, as well as issuing press releases and placing announcements, pictures, and articles in the printed press, district newsletters and on Rotary platforms.

Other members: Lisa Royse and Gena Patton

Foundation & RI

Co-Chairs: Sandra Logan and Jim Stock

This committee promotes and supports the mission and ideals of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation through education about RI’s programs, and through soliciting financial support. Meets quarterly, provides a monthly announcement showcasing an aspect of RI programs and services, and assists with club programs during Foundation month. Also responsible, with assistance from the Administration Committee, for coordinating the activities of any GSE team hosted.

Other members: Karen Brown, Marnie Clark, Susan Hart, Jean Leonatti, and Audrey Spieler


Chair: Les Borgmeyer

The Fundraising Committee plans, promotes, prepares for, implements, and evaluates the Club’s annual major fundraiser and any supplemental fundraising opportunities throughout the year. Meets primarily during the months of September through February, as needed. 

Other members: Lori Dobry, Katie Essing, Tonya Ford, Renae Goodman, Rebecca Knipp, Sherry Major, Tom Rose, and Megan Steen


This nested set of subcommittees oversees all aspects of the recruiting, retention, and support of members.   The subcommittees meet separately, but the overall committee will try to meet twice a year.   Subcommittees include the following:

Application Review & Member Recruitment – Victoria Brees, Chair

This subcommittee oversees the implementation of the process for recruiting and receiving new members into the club including the assignment of members, reviews and investigates applications for membership and advises the board on those, reviews and assigns classifications, and develops plans for the recruitment of persons to fill underutilized classifications. 

Other members: Karen Brown, Margaret Conroy, John Fierke, Penny Kuhns-Knarr, Gena Patton, and Bob Unrath

Family of Rotary – Shelley Sigholtz, Chair

The family of Rotary coordinator helps the club to care for Metro Rotarians and members of their extended families. We do this by acknowledging birthdays and anniversaries, assisting members who are sick or having other difficulties; sharing grief after a death in the family; and celebrating births, weddings, graduations and other public and personal achievements.

Other members: Susan Brandt, Alissa Gerke, Laura Kogut, Elaine Martin, Gena Patton, and Lisa Royse

Fellowship – Anna Drake & Shane Winter, Co-Chairs

This subcommittee furthers the club’s goal of “development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service” by hosting fellowship events that promote fun, friendship and service; and planning and coordinating the annual Charter night celebration of the club’s anniversary. 

Other members: Charlene Boyes, Lori Dobry, Valerie Ninichuck, Ginny Northcutt, Gena Patton, Andrea Quiroz-Jira, and Josh Stanfast


Chair: Rob Christensen

This committee selects and schedules the programs for our weekly club luncheons. 

Other members: Casey Buckman, Bill Costello, Barb Danuser, Pat Hostetler, Tom O’Connor, Sarah Read, Tom Rose, and Tim Sullivan


This nested group of subcommittees is responsible for providing a range of opportunities for club members to pursue the Rotary goal of “Service Above Self”.  Our club’s service work is primarily focused on projects that improve the lives of children and families in our community, and our club’s vision is to be a transformative influence in the community and known for what we have given. We have been a long-time Partner in Education with the Columbia Public Schools’ Title 1 program.  In 2010 we installed a rain garden at the Park Ave Preschool that in addition to providing a learning resource, eliminated flooding of their playground in bad weather.  In 2011 we helped fund, provide tools, and obtain bikes for the Douglass High School Bike Project through which students could earn their own bike (often needed for getting to jobs) by completing training in bike safety and mechanics.  In 2012-13, we partnered with the other Rotary Clubs in Columbia to install a fitness trail and learning gardens at Douglass High School and to also provide mentoring and connect youth at Douglass with future careers. These mentoring activities continued 2014 -16. Other activities of our club have included supporting the VAC Christmas project, the Boys and Girls Club chili cook-off, and the Food Bank.  Our international service projects have included several projects providing water and sanitation to schools. Service Committee subcommittees include:

Community Service – Laura Kogut & Lisa Royse, Co-Chairs

The Community Service subcommittee focuses on planning and executing hands-on service projects that help promote health and education, and fight hunger. It also coordinates with the Vocational Service and New Generations subcommittees to provide service opportunities for area youth. 

Other members: Joy Block, Sarah Johannaber, Rose Lloyd, Valerie Ninichuck, and Tom Trabue

International Service – Tom O’Connor, Chair

The International Projects subcommittee supports international service projects sponsored by Rotary International.  Committee activities include fund development, educational programs and work on the actual projects. 

Other members: John John, Rose Lloyd, and Carl Neitzert

Partners in Education – Les Gelband and Shane Winter, Co-Chairs

This sub committee coordinates the activities for the partnership between Columbia Metro Rotary and the Columbia Public School’s Title 1 program. Committee membership includes both club members and Title I teachers and staff. The purpose of the partnership is to promote literacy development in young children through individual and group reading assistance and financial support. 

Other members: Joe Allison, Jan Beckett, Joy Block, Win Burggraaff, Jim Cherrington, John Fierke, Jean Leonatti, Valerie Ninichuck, Warren Prost, and Tom Rose

Vocational Service & New Generations – Sarah Read, Chair

This subcommittee combines two previous committees, as both activities are related.  Vocational service involves providing club members service opportunities to use their vocational skills and expertise and raises awareness of how the Rotary 4-Way Test guides us in our vocations. It coordinates the nomination and selection of the recipient of the club’s annual Vocational Service Award. Past activities have included providing vocational speakers at schools, organizing a career counseling day, and judges for the Future Business Leaders of America competitions

New Generations supports youth mentoring activities in the community, and also coordinates all aspects of the club’s participation in the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA), Interact, and Rotary Youth Exchange.

Other members: Anna Drake, Katie Essing, Tom O’Connor, and Audrey Spieler

Peacebuilders – Chris Horn and Sarah Read, Co-Chairs

Educate and empower Rotarians, Interactors, Rotaractors, and others in our area regarding peacebuilding principles and strategies and individual opportunities and responsibilities for peacebuilding. Engage Rotarians, Rotary Peace Fellows, Interactors, Rotaractors, and others in our area in peacebuilding action, and increase public awareness of Rotary’s peacebuilding power and activities.  

Other members: Adam Blumhagen, J. Scott Christianson, John Fierke, Heather McArthur, Cale Mitchell, Valerie Ninichuck, Loretta Schouten, Cathy Scroggs, and Cindy Whaley